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Diamond Painting Tools

Anti stick Ruler Too...


Anyone who’s ever had to diamond paint has known the struggle of keeping your drills straight. This new tool is the perfect solution to the problem.The anti-stick ruler helps ensure that your diamonds stick where they’re supposed to. Just put the ruler on the canvas and fill in the empty spaces for ..

Diamond Art Pen Tool...


This fun, cutesy diamond sticking tool will take diamond painting to the next level. These pens allow you to stock up on diamonds so you don’t have to pick each diamond individually, saving up on time AND stress. The pens are can make a perfect gift for a diamond painting enthusiast, or to splurge o..

Diamond Painting LED...


Size: 24x19x1.5cmAn LED light pad is a delicate piece of technology and it needs to be stored in a way that doesn’t harm it. This LED light pad holder is the perfect apparatus to keep your LED light pad safe while charging or not in use. And it weighs only 0.5 KG...

Diamond Painting Lig...


The protective case helps protect your LED light pad from dust and breakage, when it is not in use. The case is waterproof and the lean and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. The soft, yet sturdy material makes it the best storage option for your light pad. The case is available in 3 ..

New Diamond Painting...


These new diamond painting pens come in a sleek, and slim style and can store up to 50 diamonds at a time. These pens will make it easier to fill up the bigger spaces of the same color on the canvas, and save you a lot of time, and they’re the perfect addition to your collection whether you’re an av..

Plastic Tray & W...



Storage Bag for Diam...


If you are forever losing your diamond painting tools, and wish that there was a way to store them all together, fret no more. The storage bag for diamond painting supplies is the perfect size to store all your supplies in one place. With two separate compartments to store your tools, and its fun, c..

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